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Do you know Sloshball; beer + sport? /

Summer has come! It’s fun to go outside and do something in the summer! If we can enjoy the summer sunshine with some beer there, that would be even better!
And guess what? There is an outside sport which involves drinking beer! It’s called Sloshball!
Sloshball is a drinking game and is very similar to kickball but it’s played while holding a beer and located at the 2nd base is a keg of beer!
This time, we will introduce you to how to play sloshball!

  • A Keg of beer
  • Bucket to put the keg
  • Ice to keep the keg cool
  • Cups
  • Bases (or some kind of indicator)
  • Ball for Kickball
  • Water (hydration! hydration! hydration!)
  • ビールのケグ(ビール樽)
  • ケグを入れる容器
  • ケグを冷やす用の氷
  • 紙コップ
  • ベース(又はベースの代わりになるもの)
  • キックボール用のボール
  • 水(水分補給超重要!)

  • Place the base at home, 1st, and 3rd.
  • Place the keg in the bucket with ice and some cups at 2nd.
  • Separate people to 2 teams roughly.
  • ホームと1塁、3塁にベースを置く。
  • 容器にケグと氷を入れ、紙コップと一緒に2塁に設置する。
  • 何となく2チームに分かれる。

  • Basic rules are pretty much the same as kickball!
  • Defending team should have a beer in hand while on the field. They need to catch the ball while holding the beer. They can refill their beer at the 2nd as needed.
  • Kicker can start with an empty cup and if they can make it to 2nd base, they can get some beer.
  • At 2nd, the kicker can drink all the beers they want, but they must finish the beer in their cup before leaving 2nd. Leaving 2nd without finishing the beer is considered as out.
  • Only 2 kickers may stay at 2nd base. If a 3rd kicker is running to 2nd base, the 1st kicker must finish their beer and leave.
  • When the keg is kicked, that’s the end of the game!
  • 基本的なルールはキックボールと同じです!
  • 守備側はビールを持った状態で守備につきます。勿論、ビールを片手に持ちながらボールをキャッチする訳です。必要に応じて2塁でビールを補給しましょう。
  • 攻撃側は、コップが空の状態で打席に立ってもOKです。2塁に進めたら、そこでビールを補給しましょう。
  • キッカーは、2塁でビールをどれだけ飲んでも良いのですが、3塁に進む前にコップに入っているビールを飲み干さなければいけません。飲み干さずに3塁へ向かってしまうとアウトになってしまいます。
  • 2塁には、キッカーは2名までOKです!但し、3人目のキッカーが2塁に到着するまでに、1人目のキッカーはビールを飲み干して3塁に向かわなければいけません。
  • ケグが空になったらゲーム終了です!

That’s all!
This game requires good amount of running, so we highly recommend using low AVB beer and drinking water frequently! Also, if you can’t get a keg of beer, you can be flexible, like using a cooler with beer cans or something like that. Remember, this is a drinking game. You don’t need to be so precise! When we played it, we didn’t have an even number of players in each team and we didn’t even keep the score XD The important thing is that everyone has fun!
We hope you have fun playing Sloshball!

Cheers! 🍻✨
George and Yuki
Drink With US! Team

にほんブログ村 酒ブログ 海外ビール・地ビールへ にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 実用英語・使える英語へブログランキングに参加中です!🍺
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